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Preparation and Evaluation of Vancomycin Microemulsion for Ocular Drug Delivery

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 1 ]


Rahul Nair, M. Chakrapani and Rajesh Kaza   Pages 26 - 34 ( 9 )


The main objective of the present investigation was to develop and evaluate the potential of microemulsion (ME) for the ocular delivery of Vanocomycin (VM). The solubility of VM in oils and surfactants were checked to identify components of the micro emulsion. The ternary phase diagrams were plotted to identify the area of ME existence. The prepared ME’s were characterized for pH value, refractive index, viscosity, stability, and surface morphology by SEM analysis, zetapotential, FTIR, in vitro diffusion studies. These microemulsions resulted favorable features for ocular use. They show acceptable physico-chemical behavior, especially pH value, refractive index and viscosity. A prolonged VM release from the microemulsions was shown in in-vitro experiments. VM -ME is promising for ocular drug delivery for the treatment of topical eye diseases as the sol to gel transition increases viscosity which enhances the ocular retention while retaining the therapeutic efficiency.


Microemulsion, Vancomycin, Drug delivery, Ternary phase diagrams, Ocular irritation, In vitro release, physico-chemical behavior, microemulsion, titration, Brookfield viscometer, Centrifugation


Department of Pharmaceutics, Sree Vidyanikethan College of Pharmacy, Sree sainath Nagar, Tirupati, Andhra pradesh, India-517102.

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