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Folate Tethered Gd2O3 Nanoparticles Exhibit Photoactive Antimicrobial Effects and pH Responsive Delivery of 5-fluorouracil into MCF-7 Cells


S. R. Bamane and V. J. Sawant*   Pages 1 - 11 ( 11 )


Background: Destroying hydrophobicity and increasing bioavailability of anticancer drugs is emerging field in biomedical nanotherapy.

Methods: The porous and oval shaped Gd2O3 gadolinite nanoparticles were synthesized and surface functionalized with folate groups using wet co precipitation method. The presence of spinal nanophase with Gd2O3 lattice inside nanoparticles were confirmed by the use of XRD pattern and supportive FTIR spectrum. XRD data of nanocomposites had proved the spinal core of gadolinite phase even after surface tailoring. These porous nanoparticles had loaded with anticancer drug 5-flurouracil for enhancement in anticancer activity on breast cancer MCF-7 cells. The elemental, optical, morphological and phase physicochemical characterization of the nanomaterials had been performed using techniques as PL, FTIR, XRD spectrometry, TGA thermal analysis, SEM and TEM microscopic analysis. The photoactive biocompatibility of nanohybrids had been elaborated on gram positive Staph. Aureus bacteria by Agar well antibacterial screening in dark and light.

Results and Conclusion: The nanocomposites had not only exhibited photoactive biocompatibility but also pH responsive in vitro delivery applied for anticancer therapy on the basis of spectrometric assay following sustained release with zero order Peppas release kinetics. The nanocomposites had exhibited higher anticancer activity on MCF-7 cells than free drug and nanohybrids after in vitro MTT assay. These 5-FU loaded folate targeted luminescent and photoactive nanocomposites with gadolinite core find applications in future biomedical cell-particle interface.


Anticancer, Gd2O3 nanoparticles, biomedical, photoactive biocompatibility


Raja Shripatrao Bhagwantrao College, Aundh, Satara, (M.S.), Department of Chemistry, Smt.K.W.College, Sangli, (M.S.)-416416

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